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Ippinka Medium Kishu Binchotan Charcoal Water Purifying Stick

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Kishu Binchotan (Japanese Oak) Charcoal is known as the best quality charcoal for purifying water. Binchotan charcoal is activated through an extremely high burning temperature and a rapid cooling process. Binchotan absorbs chlorine and other chemicals from drinking water while releasing natural minerals into it. Binchotan has an alkaline effect - it softens and improves the overall taste of water. Bichotan can be re-used up to about 3 months. It can be easily recycled by breaking it into small pieces and placing them into your plant soil, creating micro water and air cavities in the soil.
  • Japanese binchotan charcoal from Kishu, Japan is the highest grade
  • Absorbs impurities from water, resulting in pure, great tasting water (filtering time for 2L of water is 3-4 hours)
  • Use 1 stick for 2 liters of water; the stick is approximately 0.8" in diameter and 5.9" in length
  • Reactivate charcoal every two weeks by boiling for 10 minutes and letting dry
  • Material: binchotan (Japanese Oak) charcoal from Kishu, Japan

Made in the Kishu region in Japan.

Directions: Rinse with water and boil for 10 minutes and let dry. Stick must sit in 2L of water for approximately 3-4 hours before its ready to drink. Reboil every 2 weeks. Each stick has an approximate diameter of 0.8", and an approximate length of 5.9".

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